Business Consulting Overview

1. Background

GMT is a South African, black-owned and managed Information Technology Business Solutions Consulting Enterprise. We have access to intellectual capital, entrepreneurial skills and extensive IT experience. GMT comprises a team of black graduates with experience ranging from IT technical and advisory skills, to business communication, management and training. We have strategic alliances and partnerships with other corporations in order to provide world-class IT solutions to your business dilemmas. We are motivated by a need to satisfy clients through our expert, customer-tailored solutions approach, and through our success, both nationally and globally. We strive to develop our own staff through our strategic partnerships and alliances.

GMT’s personnel are in touch with the latest technology trends, products, events, services and solutions on the world market – when it happens, we know about it.

Our expertise and skills enable us to provide comprehensive, end-to-end IT solutions and services using best business practice and methodology, be it for procurement or for any other IT-related services.

We have provided comprehensive IT-related services to many South African business enterprises, with the Public Sector being our core client base. Our forte is managed information services (among others), but we are certainly not limited to that sphere of activity.


pc1 Products: CA Service Desk Manager; CA Identity Manager; CA Unicentre Asset Portfolio Management
pc2 Enterprise Content Management Products: (Documentum EDMS; BPM; ERM etc)
pc3 Products: VIDLO University Management Systems

3. Our Consultancy Principles

  • We focus on the Relationship: we make sure we understand the personality and expectations of the client, the client’s organisation and all other stakeholders.
  • We set up clearly defined Roles: defined roles and responsibilities are vital for clients, other stakeholders and the consulting team.
  • We visualise Success: we help the client see the end at the beginning, by mapping the entire project path.
  • We Advise, They Decide: we give the Client all the information they need, so they are in control at all times.
  • We are Results-oriented: we ensure that our solution addresses end-user concerns, user training, implementation and maintenance constraints.


  • Once a business owner has decided they need to take their business to the next level, we help to define the scope, cost and time-frame for the project.
  • GMT’s role is to support and nurture the company from the very beginning of the project until the day it’s done, and to deliver the project – not only within scope, time and cost, but also with complete customer satisfaction.



  • Advisory skills
  • Technical skills
  • Business skills
  • Communication skills
  • Management skills