Health Check Solution Overview

System Environmental Health Check – Purpose

GMT’s System Environmental Health Check is designed to collect information about the IT environment where the system will be installed. The purpose is to identify and inform the clients about risks, to identify instabilities in the environment which might affect the performance of the system, and to monitor the behaviour of the system installed. The Health Checks are planned activities in which the environment is checked against a predefined list that will have been developed according to the client’s needs.   

Health Check categories

The health check document will be divided into the following categories:
  • Installation
  • Servers
  • Clients
The health check lists are guided by the following documents:
  • As Built Document – details how the system was built
  • Solution Design Document – based on what was documented on the BRD[BRD in full?]
  • Backup Recovery Plan
  • EMC user guides

Controlled environments

Health Checks are designed and carried out to support the system that has been put in place, and to ensure that any changes to the environment are planned for and carried out in a procedural manner. The following areas will be monitored:
  • Quality Assurance (QA) environment
  • Training Environment
  • Production
All aspects relating to the following areas will also be monitored:
  • Servers
  • System functionality and user permissions
  • Installations
Controlled environments allow for ease of handover to the client, and can generate advice to clients on risks to be monitored in their environment.

Roles Defined

Health Check lists are predefined by categories, each of which is supported by a set of processes. These processes clearly outline actions to be taken if an issue is raised during a Health Check. The processes are ongoing, in order to handle any issues that are raised by the service desk. This will ensure that all issues which might hinder the use of the system are resolved in an efficient manner. 


Health Checks are carried out frequently in order to collect accurate updated information for reports to be generated for the client.